Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Need to Clear my Head for a Bit

Sorry for the hiatus, but my brain has been thrown into coasting speed as I do mindless formatting revisions for my Thesis. I am none to thrilled to be dealing with another bureaucracy like the Grad school editing division. I've already had to deal with too many bureaucratic nightmares from my injury days. E and C provided a good respite last night with E fashioning a good pizza and chilled wine (Thanks E, it was good!) At least, I've been going out most nights to celebrate the end of my time here with what few drinks I can afford on the piddly income this school provides. I think I will turn in my final revisions to the Grad school tomorrow, and that will feel really great! Hopefully, more celebration will ensue. Hope everyone is doing well - I think I'll go work out and try to undo some of the damage done to my body by days of thesis writing.