Thursday, May 8, 2008

Losing Brain Capacity

I'm embroiled in the worst quarter of my life, experiencing an annoying level of brain atrophy. I am overloaded with Greek translation and a slavery seminar. I have adapted my time and brain capacity to accommodate these important aspects, but it allowed my Italian course to lapse to the point where I was ambushed by a test. I hate the communicative approach to languages and I missed enough class with illness and my grandfather's death that I had to morph my enrollment schedule to allow me to drop Italian in the last week of the course. I'll probably complete most of the work for the course in preparation for my trip to Italy, but I may not take the final due to my Greek final requirements. I find my brain unable to process anything outside of my ancient languages or history at present. Age and stress are allowing my mind to become very forgetful of little things. I think I left my Greek notebook in class this week with a full quarter of intensive word lists and translation notes in it, I can't find it and it will really hurt my preparation for the final in this class. I can't remember anybody's name anymore. I can't process what my Italian instructor is saying fast enough because I can't concentrate on the stupid and inane material presented in lower level languages courses that meet 5 days a week. My brain capacity is deteriorating and I can only focus on the most important tasks at hand. The medical bureaucracy is a hassle in scheduling all of my sleep tests. I need to sleep better for my brain to work, and I'm just not. I'm contemplating trying to talk the doc's into loading me up some of the teen ADD meds to see if I can boost my concentration levels, but it is dubious. I need the summer to get here so I can be away from class for awhile. Italy should help me recharge, but we'll see. I don't know when my brain will allow me to remember to blog again. For now, that is all!