Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Wasted Day of DMV Hell

Attempting to change my driver's license yesterday was foiled by the US State Department having my passport in process with my only birth certificate. California refused to acknowledge the validity of my Oregon Driver's License, even though they have to recognize it as valid ID to drive on the roads. The bureaucratic mess leaves me unable to change my residency status for at least a few more days. I should still be able to make the year and 1 day window for next fall, but now it is getting close because I have to count the 10 days allowed to change a license in the calculations for residency. I hate bureaucracy in all it's detestable forms. I met my cohort on Monday in the History Dept, it was described as particularly small this year at 30 (last year being 49) with a total dept grad population of roughly 180 at all levels - spread over roughly 100 professors. Everyone I met seemed of high quality with a very diverse range of topics. I'm off to do more paperwork - Be well!