Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Interesting Meeting - I must Decide on a Course of Action

My meeting with the studio execs was an interesting experience. They explained their vision of the subject matter to me - I must keep it under wraps for now. The emphasis would be on action and visual stylization - generally targeting a younger audience more attuned to that format, but without a rating restriction. I heard their proposals and I outlined my concerns centered around protecting my own potential position in the snooty halls of academia. The meeting went well and I submitted some teaser ideas to enhance their historical accuracy while augmenting their cinematic hooks for the audience. They were pretty impressed with those, but I might have placed so many restrictions on my participation in order to retain plausible deniability and address workload concerns that I might not be a viable option for them. However, I think I might have enticed them to consult with me on my terms. Either that, or they'll just use the teaser ideas I gave them as their own. Wouldn't surprise me in this town. We'll see. Stay tuned.