Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Year Escapes My Grasp

More incoherent rambling. I'm now another year older. Although my emotional vacuousness allows me to stoically accept the gradual continued deterioration of my body and memory capacity, each year drifts by faster and faster. While it is logical that each year should seem to pass faster with each representing a smaller fraction of one's life, the rapid advance and changed perspective remain no less disconcerting. The only thing that is more disconcerting for me is the rapid growth of my daughter as I watch years slip away due to my ridiculous life circumstances. However, the present short term sacrifice should improve the balance of her life - hopefully making it worth it overall. We'll see. It's a calculated risk - maybe it won't be in vain. Although as our empire begins to fall, the outlook for her life could be more restrictive than I would like to imagine. Despite the present panic, I do expect this empire probably to survive until we are all old and crotchety (although KFR is already trying to reside there). While I personally have little problem with a collapse to anarchy, the truth is most people are sheep and they will not be able to handle the fallout. When this empire goes down, it will not raise the oppressed in the world, the poor will still be poor, a few rich will get sacrificed to the masses, most of the parasitic rich will find a new way to feed off of society, some newcomers will rise to prominent positions just to be corrupted by power and wealth like all that have preceded them, new ideologies will be promoted that will prove as vacant as the previous ones, a bloodbath will ensue to relieve some of the overpopulation pressure, and a new system will likely emerge to prove functional for awhile before it begins its devolution toward corruption. Such is the inevitable cycle of life. When this empire falls, humanity will sink into its cesspool default state for a time. Decadence must be purged through privation to reduce expectations, then the little pleasures in life can be appreciated once again - all hail strong drink, good food, and hedonistic sex. Unfortunately, most people that have been mollified by modern society need meaning and structure and cannot live in an abyss of anarchy. They will not be able to endure such changes and will simply become worthless piles of self-commiserating goo wishing for guarantees of safety and their prior enslavement to the old imperial order. The only way to avoid such a cruel fate and escape despair is to establish me as benevolent dictator for life so that I may rule with an iron fist and sage wisdom. My empire would be better - harsher, but alot more fun. I'm probably old enough now to meet the requisite age limit for the position. Just cross out president and just make sure to write me in on the ballot this November. When the election is stolen from me I will raise my forces to seize power. I'll fix congress through fatal proscription and replace them with my own brand of lackeys. They can't possibly be worse than what we have now. Rant done! Fine!