Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Good Send-off Weekend

My last weekend in Eugene was highlighted by a great wine-tasting sojourn with many of the wonderful friends that have entered my life since my time at UO. Quality food and wine was had by all, topped off with a nice dinner at Marche. Fond farewells were given to Austin and Nina (until the wedding in July) along with Morgan and Bob. I will have to bid an additional farewell to E today with a drop-off at the airport (preceded by some final drinks at Rennies) for her impending trip this week. I will begin to load up my car tomorrow for my departure from Eugene, anything I can't fit into my car gets either sold or donated by Tuesday. As I leave town on Tuesday I will bid farewell to the BCC and go to Toys R Us to get some presents for my daughters 10th birthday this week. At that point, I will begin my return and ascent to the mountainous lair of my familial homestead for the next two months in preparation for my move to LA in September. My four years in Eugene provided a great opportunity to meet some wonderful people whose friendship and support allowed me to navigate through an extremely difficult period of transition and transformation in my life. For all my ideological cynicism (which I still feel is completely justified), the presence of quality people in one's life is all that enhances the good times that make life memorable and worth living - the rest is all meaningless. Contrary to what my distrustful nature, harsh rhetoric, and bitter personal experiences might suggest, loyalty to friends and family remains my primary virtue and the cornerstone of my moral system (the rest of it has considerable pragmatic flexibility). In any case, my loyalty to my Eugene cohort will remain unquestioned - anytime anybody needs anything, I'm usually a steadfast and imposing ally to have on one's side. This is about as soft and mushy as I get. Thanks to All! Stay in Touch! Have a Great Summer!