Monday, June 18, 2007

I Graded My Last Green Book

Following a hectic weekend of graduation celebration and tortuous moving (an activity I despise more than any other), I just graded my last green book for quite a while. This particular batch of finals was particularly poor. I think it was the worst group of tests I have graded since I've been at UO, even though it was largely upper division (must have been an acutely severe case of senioritis and warm weather laziness). In any case, it feels very good to be truly done, but I'm still having to clean the office (KFR, Matto, and E left massive piles of tests in cabinets, shelves, and boxes - things that should have been forced back on the Prof's to store last year). After sending a pick-up load of stuff from my apartment this last weekend, I have to reduce the remainder of my possessions down to what I can fit in 1 car load when I leave Eugene on June 26 (I might try to make it back down when KFR comes up in July - we'll see). Graduation festivities went very well this weekend and my family thought all my friends and Prof's were great people. I hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer!