Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Early Version

Here's how I pay the bills now. Historicity is becoming more difficult in this show, but I'm willing to take cash over preserving academic integrity in the midst of this economy. I have hopes it can be entertaining while still being informative of a long-lost time when it was honorable to be badass; a less hypocritical moral system than we are stuck with nowadays.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Airport Blog

I have a few minutes before my flight leaves SeaTac to return to SoCal after a week with Madaline. I have resurrected my laptop after an untimely death earlier in the week that has caused me to fail behind. I was actually assigned a weeks worth of Greek translation that is due by 2pm tomorrow on the first day of the quarter. Needless to say, I am less than pleased with such a heinous situation. I'll probably have to stay up much of the night to start the quarter - how lovely. In any case, everything else progresses, despite the snail's pace. I'll be happy to get the summer in Italy again as it is the only time I can recharge. I'm supposed to make it back for my big high school reunion, but the dates look like I might still be in Italy. Such is life, and Italy is the better situation, but the reunion would have been comical if nothing else. We'll see how it goes. TV show is going off it's own way, but the checks keep coming. I'll likely have to slap a historical disclaimer on my involvement, but I'm content to prostitute my academic soul for money. Be well - I'm off to the plane.