Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Heart like a Racehorse

Cardiologist decided today my heart was functioning within normal operating parameters and was rather large like that of a racehorse (not the roided up ones) with good bloodflow and oxygenation levels. Anomaly spotted on tests was likely a genetic issue from my grandfather that causes EKG rythms to read different. Prior chest pain was apparently pleurisy where fluid builds up in lining of chestwall to cause stabbing pain with each breath. Lots of antibiotics and pain meds, but I'm much better now. On a good note, I will fly Madaline down here soon to have fun for 3 weeks before I go to Italy to dig on July 6th. Lots of SoCal fun with Madaline before my dig. In addition, Peter and his wife said last night I could go down and visit at their villa they own just outside of Pompeii on the Bay of Naples. That should be real nice. Now I've got to grade some bad papers for tomorrow.

Here's a blog I posted as a comment - sorry

I'm absolutely hammered right now having gone to a nice dinner in an exclusive cigar bar in Beverly Hills with P. Weller (Robocop), followed up by more martinis and 18 year old scotch at a bar in Westwood. I have to teach a section at 8am, but it is good to have cut loose for this evening. It is still weird being in LA with people like Jessica Simpson's dad next to us in the bar = less than impressive on that note. I've been dealing with a variety of issues lately and I have to see a cardiologist tomorrow (hopefully I'll live), but I've fully embraced the motto of live in the now and screw the future. Academics take themselves way too seriously and don't realize they are irrelevant to 99.99% of the population. It was good to see Cabiria yesterday and have a good lunch together. She said all of you seemed to be doing well. I do miss the close-knit nature of past years, but I am adapting to LA lifestyle. TV show is going well and I am off to Italy soon for the summer. Sorry my blogs have been non-existent, but here is one. I'm off to sleep it off.