Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Emerge from my Writing Stupor to Grade

After very little sleep this weekend, I finished my paper and turned it in Monday night at the end-of-quarter bash at my Prof's house. It is good to have that paper out of the way, but it didn't come together as well as last quarter's. Hopefully, it will be sufficient to not disappoint her before she leaves for Oxford for a year. I'm still tired, but I have to grade all week until my daughter Madaline arrives on Sunday for a week of SoCal touristy stuff. It will be fun. I was able to get my summer funding activated along with the additional plane ticket to Italy from the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, so I'll be in Italy from June 16th - Aug 4th with free weeks on each end. I'll visit as many sites as the weak dollar will allow. I'm confident it will be great. Now, I'm back to grading a bunch of mediocre papers. Be well!