Thursday, March 22, 2007

Allergy or Sickness?

After a very stressful quarter, I have either come down with some kind of sinus contagion, or spring allergy season is getting to me. Compared to most people in Eugene, I usually make it through the early blooms of spring. However, I am now talking very poorly and sneezing has commenced. Maybe I need a shot of whiskey? Too bad I'm so broke until next week. I'm presently eating off of the generosity of others until next Thursday. Alas, I miss my supplemental income from last year. Oh well! I'll get my finals to grade today, and do them quickly so I can leave town next week. Hopefully, I'm not actually sick, and I just have allergies this year. May my temporary misery lead to blessings for everyone else in the grand cosmic scheme. Any opinions on 'Lost' last night?