Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Another Premiere Interfered with Dinner

Following my return flight, I was starving to death from the lack of any food on the plane. After dropping my stuff off in my apartment, I set out on a quest to find some quick food for dinner. My search was impeded by the Brangelina phenomenon associated with the Beowulf opening that closed off multiple streets and sidewalks on my way to food. The premiere event even placed a rock wall doorway 2 blocks from my house for the VIPS to enter into the party area associated with two adjacent theaters. Even though Angelina was quite striking, I found the mob scene very annoying given my ravenous mood. Angelina did do quite well in crossing the cordoned off area at the local coffee shop to actually make physical contact and mingle with the vulgar masses. Anthony Hopkins added some legitimate class to the operation, it made me want to enjoy a nice Chianti and discuss philosophy with Hannibal himself. The whole commotion further delayed my acquisition of food, leaving me quite vexed. Alas, at least I was in a generally good mood as my weekend trip finalized everything for the better. Hopefully, I can put some of the past issues behind for good. Be well!