Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Weekend Respite from Fatigue

After a very tiring couple of weeks, I will be taking a much needed trip to see my daughter. My brother and his wife will also be flying back home for a visit (having survived the San Jose earthquake that scared their cat and shook them up a bit). I am looking forward to some time in brisk mountain air to recharge my depleted batteries. I am having a hard time getting my body to produce the energy I need to accomplish everything. No amount of caffeine has been sufficient, and I am trying to increase my physical regimen to boost metabolism - so far, mixed results. I had a boring Halloween trying to get things done before my trip, but it will be worth it. Complete custody of my daughter should be mine by Monday, she is doing very well in the pastoral setting of my family farm. Another piece of good news is that I have been informed (unofficially) that I am most likely assured of getting the funded staff position on the excavation in Italy next summer. This will allow for hands on archaeological experience about an hour from Rome with every weekend free to travel Italy. I will be able to stay in Italy for a good portion of the summer (likely in future summers also). In addition, this will free up an additional few weeks to spend with my daughter. If I had to be stuck on campus, I would spend the majority of the summer engaged in more tedious research or less significant coursework. Thus, things are going respectably well as I try to impose my will upon the inconstant designs of human existence. I will prevail against the cruel lashes of tempestuous fate and temporarily vanquish a few of life's little miseries.
Vae Victis - "Woe to the vanquished!" (Livy 5.48)