Friday, January 18, 2008

A Weak Return to the Blogosphere

I apologize for my considerable hiatus from the world of blog addiction, although I doubt anybody missed my self-indulgent rantings very much. Either way, this one's a bit long due to the hiatus. It probably sucks because I have not been feeling all that well lately. I was down with some form of influenza the week after Christmas, then I was without power for a few days in Oregon as winds between 90-135 mph severely damaged the top of the house. Then the rain and snow came to further damage the back bedrooms of the house with numerous leaks - contractors still have not caught up from the widespread damage and the house is still in severe need of repair. I unwillingly returned to LA with my daughter and mother still without power, and my father working around the clock for a week to restore power throughout the valley. Things have finally settled down, but my relentless academic schedule has been made more difficult with my first Greek course in awhile, at least it is the relatively easy Herodotus. Unfortunately, I have to prepare for a very intensive history seminar on Polybius next quarter that will be conducted almost exclusively in Greek. The history professor came from a Classics tradition where the introduction to his Grad program was the "look to your left, look to your right - one of these people will fail due to an attrition rate in excess of 50%, you will not sleep, and you will wish there was 25 hours in the day due to the impossible amount of translation we will assign you, face this truth and despair, etc..." Hunched over in translation for too long remains one of the most problematic things with respect to my back injury. My current schedule requires between 3-5 times the workload expected in my prior program. The program is way better for me, but the rest of my life is not as enjoyable as what I had before. I have paid a severe physical and social price, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I'm trying to force a workout schedule in order to try to feel better, but it remains very difficult with limited results for the valuable time invested. I think I need some Human Growth Hormone or Anabolic Steroids so I could have the energy and stamina of my testosterone driven teenage years again, but I'd probably revert back to my youthful intensity and even more excessive hostility toward society as a whole. Believe it or not, my present emotional vacuousness allows me to put forward the moderated and rosy version of my personality most of you know. Although, I did get alot more play from the female of the species when I was an intense brooding character of exceptional vitality. Now that my peculiar life has beaten most of the feeling and inherent beauty from my personage, it remains obvious emotional apathy and physical deterioration must just be too unappealing - even though I am much more amicable and sensitive for the most part. If I can spare any time, I think I'll start to resurrect my asshole persona this weekend and see how that plays out. Unfortunately, it remains hard to muster up the ambition to engage in such hedonistic pursuits as a distraction from my oppressive schedule. Any votes as to which way I should go? Alas, all things change eventually and I'll just continue to endure until I get a more balanced life to cycle back through at some point. I'll just remain focused on my time in Italy this summer!