Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wiping Off the Filth of Political Participation

I still harbor bitter feelings of hypocrisy that have left me tainted due to my recent electoral participation. My sheer disgust at the electoral dynamics of this country's party system has been magnified by the staggering simplicity and intellectual vacuousness of the media coverage surrounding this circus of lies. The inherent fallacy and blind ideology of party politics is confounding. Political ideology is an abyss of falsehood, from which nothing good can emerge.
"The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected."
I consider the present administration to be possibly the worst in the history of this nation (and for me it has absolutely nothing to do with Iraq), necessitating a significant change of trajectory to counteract the damage that has been done to the nation and it's position in the world. I find it disconcerting that McCain could survive and preserve his personal sense of duty and honor as a POW for six years in the Hanoi Hilton - yet he has allowed himself to be corrupted by participation in the electoral cycle of the last 8 years. He has devolved into a cranky old man who has proven willing to sacrifice his personal ideals and sense of independence on the false altar associated with the oppressive legacy of the Reagan theocracy. Six years of captivity and torture could not break the man, but political participation and proximity to this conservative heresy did : absolutely disgusting!
Hillary is completely soulless and is not even a real person, but a caricature of an actual person. My personal dialogue with Bill Clinton at least let me know he was somewhat genuine despite his slick southern style and egomaniacal tendencies. Everything about Hillary is fake - from the selective employment of her contrived southern drawl and cackling shrill laugh that hurts my ears, to her equivocating positions that constantly test the political winds. She is a complete embodiment of the 20 year scourge of polarized Washington politics - that mass of maggots that presently feed on the decaying carcass of this nation. A Bush - Clinton - Bush - Clinton dynastic progression would represent the darkest era in this nation's history, although publicly exposing the oligarchic nature behind the facade of modern democracy would be comically tragic in an entertaining way. But the masses are too stupid to know the difference anyway:
"Men are ruled, at this minute by the clock, by liars who refuse them news, and by fools who cannot govern."
The other alternative being support for the cult of personality that has emerged around Obama. The optimism surrounding this development does have the potential to move the country away from the stasis brought about by twenty years of increasing polarization, but the policy issues are very vague and this type of movement is probably to dependent on the unrealistic idealism of the worthless youth of this nation. My time in classrooms leaves me pessimistic that such a lazy, spoiled, entitled, and ignorant group can affect anything. Maybe if voting happened through an X-Box, text message, or at the end of the keg-line! Modern youth are lazy and stupid - devoid of any analytical capacity, while the old are senile and cranky - blindly clinging to the nationalistic, theocratic, or progressive fallacies of a bygone age. Both groups are too easily led by the mindless soundbites and shallow political analysis of the corporate media dominated by the false gods of religious dogma, materialism, and political correctness.

Alas, such feelings are not new:

"O god of earth and altar
bow down and hear our cry
our earthly rulers falter
our people drift and die
walls of gold entomb us
the swords of songs divine
take not thy thunder from us
take away our pride"

It is with much reluctance that I announce my candidacy for benevolent tyrant to replace the corrupted facade of democracy we now live in. Your write in support is much appreciated!