Monday, October 22, 2007

Tempering the Edge of my Spirit in Solitude

I continue to find myself in an environment that requires continual adjustments to how my life is structured. The academic requirements that have been placed on me are well above anything I have been accustomed to. Proper social interaction and necessary balance has been thrown out of whack. This situation is much more socially isolating than my previous academic habitat. An ironic truth: in more populous conditions, social isolation is more prevalent (many of the people in my cohort are actually only around for 3 days a week - then commute to home locales and families). Attempting to maintain my familial travel plans, academic schedule, physical activity, and moderate rest/entertainment has proven to be very challenging. I am trying to speed up my translation to allow more time, but the pace is about 8-10 times faster than grad level at Oregon. I do miss the academic/social dynamics I had enjoyed the past few years. My present environment is going to be much more domineering for awhile until I can restructure my life a bit. I will simply continue to persevere until this adjustment can be made. Be well!