Thursday, March 1, 2007

"Lost" is Losing Itself

After a night of food and pool with E, and collecting C from the subterranean metal-smithing forges of the EMU underbelly, many fresh baked cookies (thanks other E!) were mixed with vodka tonics while watching the new episode of "Lost". After a promising episode last week, the writing has once again strayed from the bizarre themes and characters that are interesting. Although I appreciated the generic brand Dharma BEER, character dynamics were uninspired. The hippy van in the jungle was mildly amusing, but then it reminded me how much I am annoyed by hippies in general (especially the ones in Eugene).

My general attitude on hippies is reflected in this inspired quote from the one true cinematic masterpiece:

"Children of Doom, Doom's children, it is they who told my master how to find his way to the Mountain of Power. They told my lord to throw down his sword and return to the earth.
HAH! Time enough for the earth in the grave!"

I will not miss the endless supply of hippies when I move from Eugene.

An additional thanks to C for her industrious metal production. She made many inspired trinkets for a variety of people - not least of which includes a metal bracelet stamped with "Credite Ferro" (Trust in Steel) for yours truly.

Monday, February 26, 2007

A Quashed Socialist Revolution in the Depths of Space

As I was watching mindless TV in hopes of allowing my brain to decompress, following hours of stuffing my head full of Greek verbal forms, I was mildly amused by the failed class-based revolution fomented by Baltar on the new Battlestar Galactica. Even in outer space, the great revolution to impose social justice falters due to moderation for partial reforms, the leadership of a corrupt demagogue, and the ruthlessness of those protecting their own power structure. This latest defeat must come as a particular blow to my Marxist friends drowning in their own frustrated idealism. As I have said to you on many occasions, you must entice amoral and heavily armed mercenary types with vast quantities of drink, food, and coin to implement the initial stages of your plan. Once these enforcers have succeeded in bringing down the opposition, you off them in their drunken stupor of victory before they set up their own feudal aristocracy. Until you Marxist's figure out how to implement this on a grand scale, you will remain trapped in the capitalist quagmire of personal greed and self-serving justification. As you gradually age, you will be yuppified by frustration, futility, and laziness as time exacts it's merciless toll from your zealous ambition. Remember - "Life is pain princess, anyone who says otherwise is selling something" - Paraphrased freely from the Dread Pirate Roberts.