Friday, March 13, 2009

Holding Together

Forgive the lack of blogging. I no longer have the mental energy to compose my moderately entertaining blogs as I used to. My brain is on cruise control with all focus dealing with my present schedule. I no longer have the invested emotion necessary to comment on society's absurdity, the ridiculous political environment, or the economy. Thus, my blogs will be boring for awhile - until I have a renewed sense of vigor and recover my active contempt for society. Right now it is passive contempt that lacks an appropriate edge worthy of TIS blogs - hence, no blogging. On a better note, I had a nice respite last week when my daughter came down to stay with me for awhile. We had fun and she really enjoyed herself. She was able to attend a lecture on Egyptology that she loved. We did lots of shopping at a variety of malls, she happily splurged with my studio money. I felt like we were trying to stimulate the economy all on our own, but it was good overall. She is doing well enough and that is pretty much all I care about anymore. Everything else in my life has faded away at present and I find myself simply going through the motions to advance to the next stage of my academic situation. I've already been in my present phase too long, I'm pretty much functioning as an academic robot until i can get to Italy this summer. It appears to be 95% viable, but it is still dependent on student commitment to provide the necessary funding. Hard to say in a bad economy, but it looks good so far. I need time in Italy to recharge. I didn't realize how important it was until last year. Hopefully it will work out. I hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to muster the energy to blog more, but we'll see.